Saturday, February 16, 2002

Tales from the Front Pew, Chapter 6

We had a choir in our church last Sunday. A big choir complete with robes. It's been a while since we have had a choir with robes, as the reactions of our kids indicated. When we were coming in, Joshua was looking around at all the choir members milling around. "Dad," he said with a questioning voice, "Why are all these people walking around dressed like prophets?"

David was doing some wondering of his own. Less than 30 seconds after Josh posed his question, I got a poke in the side from David. "Dad," he asked, "why are all these angel-ladies walking around here?"

We've been watching the Olympics the last few nights, right now there are skiers flinging themselves fifty feet into the air doing tumbles and twists and actually landing on their feet. Incredible. David has it in his head that he wants to do the luge. There is a luge run in Muskegon. He wants to try it out. Maybe this is the start of another Olympic legend. Then Deb and I can be the ones on those commercials saying we were the only ones who believed in him. We'll make millions.

The kids have a couple days off from school next week. We decided to take them to Chicago to the Field Museum. After some debate, we gave them a choice. Stay overnight at a hotel and spend some time in the pool or take the entire trip in a single day with a twenty dollar credit towards legos or some other thing of their choice. The decision didn't take long. They went for the twenty bucks. So we'll do the trip in a day.

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