Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

I've been doing a lot of plumbing work in the basement of our rehab house lately. It seems like old iron pipe tends to gunk up on the inside after many years, causing faucets to run really slow. So many of them needed to be replaced. Yesterday I arrived at one of the water heaters, and the above picture is one of the connections to this water heater. Leaning out of the top at a crazy angle was flexible copper pipe, kinked in two places, several miscellaneous iron fittings, a ball valve that wouldn't open all the way because it hit the pipe, more iron fittings, ten feet of copper, and another twelve feet of iron with a big patch in one spot. It all got replaced with CPVC.

Meanwhile, Deb put the first coat of polyurethane on the living room floor that Josh just finished sanding. Josh spent most of the day with Barabbas (the name given to our big noisy old floor sander), taking all the layers of paint and gunk off the hardwood floor. It's a noisy, dusty, nasty job, but the result is so much nicer than the beige carpet that formerly covered this floor.


Chris and Celeste said...

looks awesome where is your house?

The Friend Family said...

Grand Rapids, a few blocks south of St. Mary's Hospital, in the Heritage Hill Historic District