Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fort

There is a large number of wooden trays stored here in the barn. These trays were used extensively until the flower operation was shut down over a decade ago. Since then they have been stored in a back section of the barn.

One year, the kids moved several stacks of these trays around to create a secret room, a fort which made for endless hours of play. Each time some of the cousins would come from out of town, the fort would get re-arranged, or added on to. Accessories were added. A ceiling was added. Old desk lamps were used for lighting. The final rendition consisted of a large main room and two side rooms, the main room having a door, a bed, an old radio, an numerous other items. They even have carpet. Some of the kids have slept there overnight.

Looking toward the entrance

The main room

Looking into a side room

The most recent addition was a wall of fame, the names of each of the cousins burned into the wood of the trays in a section of the main room. This year, one more name was added. Abigail got to burn her name into the fort, thus becoming one of the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Friend Fort.

Previous names

Abigail adding her own name

The newest name.

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