Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Night Sounds

Sleeping can be a challenge here.  Our central location here on the campus offers a sampling of a variety of sounds through the night, and that combined with the warm nights and open windows ensures an auditory experience that is unforgettable.

A cacophony of frogs starts up just after it gets dark.  Their high-pitched chirps come from seemingly every direction. At about 3:00 in the morning, when the frogs are dying down, the dogs take over.  There are quite a few dogs that just roam free and they seem to abhor silence.  Just before dawn, the roosters take over.  We're located right next to the zoo, which contains a particularly noisy one.

We are also located right next to the hospital, which sits at the highest point of the campus, almost on top of this particular mountain, and overlooks the entire ravine.  The birthing rooms are at the end of the hospital closest to our apartment.  Their windows are also open because of the warmth.

Someone had a baby last night.  I'm sure the entire ravine knew about it.  The impending birth was announced over and over for most of the night, starting just before the frogs got quiet.  Our location offered almost a ring-side seat.

Lady, I feel your pain.

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