Thursday, September 5, 2013


Haiti has a lot of rocks.  In some ways that's a good thing because there is plenty of material to build walls when creating terraces on this steep terrain.  And in this part of Haiti, many people have done so.  There are many stone walls used in the formation of the many terraces around this area.  Walls are made of rocks, roads are largely made of rocks, the hillsides are rocks, houses are made of rocks (and concrete).  Rocks are everywhere.  So they have a lot of building material.  If Haiti could export rocks, they would have an endless supply.

In other ways, all these rocks are a bad thing because even the good soil is full of rocks.  I thought the soil in one of my gardens at home was poor soil until I came here.  The pictures below are of one of the gardens on the mission campus, and this is considered good soil.

If you want rocks, I know where you can get a whole bunch of them.

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